Frequently asked questions

I’m interested, so how do I start walking with North Lindsey Fell Walkers?

Simply book and pay for your seat on the bus through Jim – see our Get in Touch page.

What equipment do I need?

Waterproof footwear and coat essential, along with a change of footwear for when you get back on the bus. After that it’s mostly a question of time of year (and fashion!), but most walkers carry a rucksack with layers of clothing appropriate for the season.

Are there walk leaders?

Not as such. Walks are self-guided – on each trip you will be given a copy of the relevant map and instructions regarding the club route. However if you’re unsure about your map reading skills or if you’ve come on your own then see Adrian or Jim on the bus and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. They’re a friendly lot, these walkers!

Do I have to follow the club route?

Not at all. NLFWC walks are usually linear, with the club route the most logical and scenic between the start and finish. However many walkers take their own OS map and follow their own route or add/deduct from the club route (or more likely get lost but won’t admit it). This is fine as long as you can plan your timing and are on the bus for it’s stated departure time.

Should I take a pack-up?

Most walkers do. Often there’s a pub or café on the route but you should never rely on this. As a minimum you should carry a drink of water.

Can I bring the kids?

Yes if they’re up to it. Remember that if the club route is too much you can always stay on the bus and plan your own walk from the bus pick-up point.

Can I bring the dog?

Sorry, no – Fido will have to stay at home.

Will there be time for a pint at the end of the walk?

Most walkers find that they finish the walk with about an hour to spare before the bus leaves. Walk lengths and bus trips are seasonally adjusted – shorter walks and trips in the winter when there’s less daylight, longer during British Summertime.

I’m interested – how do I book?

It’s easy – just contact Jim Jenkinson on 01724 294011 or leave a message with any of the office staff.

Come and join us, make some new friends, enjoy the fresh air and open countryside!

2 thoughts on “Frequently asked questions

  1. Hi I’d be very interested on joining the fell walking group, please could you let me have information of upcoming walks, I’m currently at uni at north Lindsey, many thanks, Claire.

    1. Hi Claire

      So sorry that i missed you email of April this year asking about how to ‘join’ the club … it’s easy. We’re not a formal club as such, we don’t have a membership fee, just have a look at the walks we’re running, decide if you want to come and book via Jim (copied. Advisable to book at least a week – 10 days in advance as the bus gets fully booked usually (but not always) so turning up on the morning without have booked is risky. You can do one walk, take your pick, or them all – up to you – no need to ‘commit’ to all.

      All sorts of people on the walks – young, old, and some not so old ( 🙂 ) so no problem if you booked just for yourself or with some friends. Thing in common is that they enjoy getting out in the fresh air and some exercise, oh, and usually there;s a niuce pub at lunchtime amnd at the end of the walk to ‘relax in’ :).

      First walk of the new season is 12 Sep, in two weeks’ time, leaving the Tech College at 08.00. Details going onto the website today/Friday. Just get in touch with Jim ( if you want more info or would like to book a place(s).

      Kind regards


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